All About Me

Name: Miss Megan Tate

Role : Buttercups’ Class Teacher

My Favourite Things:

Food: Roast chicken dinner

Drink: Chocolate milkshake

Colour: Purple / Black

Animal: Cat

Music: Anything from musical theatre

Pets: 4 cats

Book: Harry Potter! (This is also my favourite film)

My Hobbies

I enjoy baking, particularly making my friends and family creative and exciting cakes.

I love musical theatre. If I can find a way to include a reference from my favourite musical into a conversation, I will!

I love a good book! Anything fictional will grab my attention and I will be lost for hours.

My Family:

My family consists of my wonderful parents, and my older sister, Hannah (She is also a teacher!!).

My four cats; Fizz, Kitty, Trixie, and Rosalie, are also a part of my family. .


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